Webinars for families

Each year, the Elfe team produces an online conference to tell parents taking part in the study about forthcoming surveys and present all the latest findings.

2017 webinar with Elfe families
An event moderated by Michel Blèze Pascau, journalist

Programme 2017

What we have learned so far
- What has the Elfe study taught us about young children’s respiratory health?
- How do parents share early childcare duties?
- What do we know about infants’ milk intake during their first year of life?
Our researchers present their results...

Focus on the school survey
- What do children learn at primary school? A novel data collection operation where the children’s teachers will give them fun exercises testing their French language and maths skills.
- Feedback about the first such survey, conducted in nursery schools. We meet one of the teachers who took part!

Speakers (in order of appearance): Marie-Aline Charles, epidemiologist and Elfe study director (INSERM), Marie-Noëlle Dufourg, paediatrician and health coordinator for the Elfe study (INED), Olivia Samuel, lecturer and researcher (INED, Versailles St Quentin University, Printemps Laboratory), Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain, researcher (INSERM 1153-CRESS, Paris Descartes University), Xavier Thierry, researcher and school survey coordinator (INED), Audrey Barbar, teacher at Jean Mermoz nursery school (Savigny-sur-Orge, 91), Bertrand Geay, deputy director of the Elfe study (CURAPP-CNRS, Picardy University)

2015 webinar with Elfe families
An event moderated by Henri Leridon, Emeritus Director of Research at INED and the man behind the Elfe study.

Programme 2015

Research is making great strides!
What role do grandparents play within the family after the birth of a first child? (sequence starts at 2:40)
What do we know about the exposure of pregnant women to environmental pollutants? (sequence starts at 14:10)
Is the BCG vaccine still given at two months? (sequence starts at 33:30)

Focus on the nursery school survey
What do children learn in their second year at nursery school? A novel data collection method where teachers give pupils fun exercises that test their ability to recognize sounds, letters and quantities (sequence starts at 49:00)
Feedback from the test phase piloted in selected classes in 2015 (sequence starts at 1:04:45)

Speakers (in order of appearance):
Laurent Nowik, lecturer/researcher [Centre for Cities, Territories, Environment and Societies (CITERES), University of Tours]; Corinne Delamaire, head of the Biomonitoring Unit [Department of Health and Environment, French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS)]; Jean-Paul Guthmann, physician and epidemiologist (Department of Infectious Diseases, InVS); Bertrand Geay, Deputy Director of the Elfe study [Centre for Research on Administration and Politics (CURAPP), University of Picardy - National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)]; Xavier Thierry, Schools Survey project manager [National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED)]; and Marie-Aline Charles, Director of the Elfe study [French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)]


2014 webinar with Elfe families

An event moderated by Mathieu Vidard, who presents the science programme La Tête au Carré on the French radio station France Inter.

Programme 2014

The first interesting findings!
How do parents reconcile work and family? (sequence starts 4:00 minutes into the recording)
What does the survey we conducted in maternity units tell us about breastfeeding practices in France? (sequence starts at 16:00)
What have we learnt from analysing the dust collected in children’s homes? (sequence starts at 32:00)

Survey at 3½ years in close-up
The start of nursery school is an important stage in young children’s lives, and raises fresh questions for researchers (sequence starts at 47:10)
Profile of an interviewer: who is the person who talks to parents over the phone each year? (sequence starts at 1:06:00)
Home visits: we get to meet the Elfe children for the first time! (sequence starts at 1:16:35)

Order of speakers:
Fabienne Berton, researcher (LISE CNRS, CNAM), Claire Kersuzan, researcher (ALISS unit, INRA), Steffi Rocchi, researcher (Chrono-environment laboratory, University of Franche-Comté), Bertrand Geay, deputy director of the Elfe study (CURAPP-CNRS, University of Picardy), Michaël Léonard, call centre director (GfK-ISL France), Marie-Aline Charles, director of the Elfe study (INSERM).